Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Girls from the Lion (Reunion 4) | Personal

Happy new year my loves!  I hope your holidays turned out the way you wanted and that you of course laughed your way through them.  As October approaches I usually cringe a little knowing what lies ahead of me, but then January comes and I realize nothing was as stressful as I thought it was going to be because I surrounded myself with friends.

Speaking of which, this year I hosted the fourth annual MGM holiday brunch at my place and it was so fun!  I always laugh so hard when I'm with these girls and it's something I look forward to each year.  We eat, we reminisce, we catch up and laugh our butts off and it's seriously such a good time.  We always end up spending the whole day together just lounging around avoiding errands we have to run or people we need to see.  We just move everything around (trinkets, vases, photos) to make room for all the food, plant ourselves on the couch and keep making coffee and mimosas. 

May you have tons of laughter, friendship and mimosas in this new year :)


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