Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Girls from the Lion | Personal

I had a rough year in 2009.  I had been layed off from my job and became unemployed for some time.  I spent nine months job searching, watching A LOT of television and basically living in seclusion due to the fact that I had no money to go anywhere.  I felt alone and left behind as I watched my friends progress at work, go to dinners, movies, road trips on the weekends.  I went on countless interviews and nothing seemed to fit or feel right.  I was too this or I wasn't enough of that...ugh.  The more time that passed by the more I was convinced that I would never find a job again and that I was doomed to an existence of pajama parties for one (me).   

Then one day.....I got a call from the publicity department at MGM Studios; they wanted to interview me.  Rather than being excited, I was numb and passive and almost told them I wasn't available.  I was basically loosing my  mind.  I sulked for a second, rolled my eyes, and then got over it.  "Yes, I'm available on Wednesday at 2:00pm."  

From the minute I stepped foot in the building, I knew.  I knew that this was the place that was going to turn things around for me.  That Friday I was hired and I started work the following Monday.  I was ecstatic to say the least.  Let me just say, a lot of wine was involved that weekend.  

I could say that my time at MGM gave me a successful career or an amazing amount of money, but the truth is, it didn't.  Yes, I was finally able to pay my rent and get dressed in the morning, but in no way did it change my life in those ways.  My life changed by the people I met there and how they helped me find my path to photography.  They took me in quickly and whole heartedly and I know I will forever love each and every one of them.  

So, to celebrate our special little bond, we MGM girls get together every December and throw a holiday brunch.  This always equals a LOT of laughter, a LOT of food (no seriously, I felt sick on the drive home) and a LOT of champagne/blood mary's (best time ever).

Love you girls :)

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