Friday, December 16, 2011

Casual Fridays

Last night was one of the most fabulous nights ever!  I attended the West Elm Grand Opening in West Hollywood with one of my besties, Desiree Gaines from Bundts of Steel.  The event was hosted by Emily from Cupcakes and Chashmere and Bri Emery from DesignLoveFest (amongst others).  Des and I are avid blog readers so I can't tell you how EXCITED we were for the opportunity to meet our favorite blog idols (and drool over fabulous interior decor).  We discussed what we would wear, did our nails and discussed makeup and shoe options all week.  I mean, we needed to look our best, obvs.

We schmoozed, we drank champagne, we shopped and giggled our night away with giddiness.  It-was-awesome! 

I love these silhouette mugs.
 Oh Des...
 West Elm, you never seem to amaze me with your color palettes.
 LOVE these
 How cute are these little birds?!
 This made me miss Italy
 I want this little cubby system for organizing photos.  yup.
 I want all of thissss
 and thisss
 Different colored glass jars?  Yes please.
 Cool art everywhere.
 Des, Bri Emery and me!!!
 Des, Emily and me!!!!
Good bye West Elm.  I'll be back soon :)

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