Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Andi Kutscheid | Editorial Portraiture

Confession:  Sometimes on my way to a shoot I'm feeling a little bummed out because I'm tired or stressed and I worry that the shoot won't go well.  Of course, that never happens because when I show up and I see my client and how excited they are it makes ME so excited! 

I was so inspired by Andi that day and instantly energized when I saw her beautiful face.  She's this awesome, spirited, stylish, funny woman and there's nothing I like better that that.  I think I told her a million times how much I liked all of her shoes, bags, tops and sunglasses.  Her black skirt might have been my favorite and how sweet is that bright pink lipstick?  Ugh I just love a good 80s throwback.   

Andi, I had a blast and I'm so happy to have met you.  I see a lot more photos of you with me behind the lens in our future.

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  1. The comment box is back! Hoooray! Oh Miss Liz, I am seriously obsessed with this shoot. You can tell you were truly in your element! Lovely.