Friday, September 7, 2012

Casual Fridays

I love men's fashion.  Seriously.  I love when a man knows how to dress himself, especially for every occasion.  No guys, you cannot wear the same jeans and t-shirt to a nice dinner, interview and your girlfriend's parents anniversary party.  

Here are some of my favorites I found on Pinterest this week.  What do you like to see on a man?  Boys, don't be afraid to jump in on this conversation!
If I saw a guy wearing this at the airport about to get on a plane, I would seriously ask him if i could take his picture.  P.S.  Guys, don't be afraid to wear a scarf.  It's hot.
Love the jacket, love the hair, love it all.
 A man in a peacoat can never be wrong.  Neither can that face.  Heeellloooooo...
 The love of my life in a white button down and a tie.  Yes Please.
Don't you just love a guy in a good suit that actually fits him?  Amazing.

Have a great weekend everyone and make sure to spread this fashion love to the guys in your life...

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