Friday, May 4, 2012

Casual Fridays

And what a casual Friday indeed.  Last week, I took the afternoon off.  You know when you have those days you just can't seem to focus?  It's like you're moving in quicksand and can't move forward!  Yes?  Ok, good.  Well,  I grabbed my camera, my sunglasses and headed for the door.  I ended up in Old Town Pasadena just before sunset; the perfect time of day for photos.  I walked up and down the streets trying to enjoy the solitude, the wind in my hair as cars passed by, the sound of music coming from the stores.  Ah... the smell of fresh baked bread from my favorite little bakery in Pasadena (Aux Delicies). Yes, I bought a croissant....and a fruit tart.  No, I did not stuff them both in my mouth at the same time.  

I visited my favorite boutiques, watched the streets get darker and tried to clear my head.  It felt good to give myself the time to just be alone.  I realized how many things I usually glance over when I'm with a friend and how shapes/colors suddenly seemed more apparent.  

I ended the day at the movies.  I highly recommend watching a movie by yourself.  It's quite refreshing if you ask me.  Oh and in case you're wondering, go check out "Salmon Fishing in the Yemen."  Immediately. 
 A quick stop at my favorite Urban Outfitters.
This necklace WILL be mine soon.  I also love the rows and rows of fun tights/fishnets they have as well as the hammocks next to the windows.
 I'm thinking breakfast at Tiffany's is in my near future.
 The walk back to my car.
 Every tree should be lit this way - always.

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  1. I love the sun flare & the fact that you went to see a movie by yourself!