Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Wedding Details

As a wedding and editorial photographer, I find that my editorial niche screams for that story line in my wedding photos.  I look for those moments that help shape the day and nothing fuses those moments together like the wedding details.  Like most women/brides, it's my favorite part of a wedding so I thought I would create a column to put all those "details" in one place (which will be compiled from blogs I love, Pinterest and my own photography). 
Garnishes nicely accompany glass jars with oils or yummy drinks.
Fresh fruits and pastel straws make a perfect pairing for drinks.
 Enough said.
Keys to let you know your designated table.  
 Twinkle lights.
 Luscious flowers and greens in glass jars and antique vases.  
 Where can I find one of these?!  Perfect to set the mood for a bohemian outdoor wedding.
This is what I call Boho chic details (and the two right above this).  I envision my own wedding to be like this one day.  Sand, lanterns hanging everywhere and a headband in my hair.

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