Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Oooooo a Contest, a Contest!!

For a while now I’ve been thinking about what kind of contest I want to do for my beloved L.A locals and I think I’ve figured out a really great one, so – get – ex-cited!

What you get:
1.     FREE 45 minutes session (one location).
2.     20 of the best images – edited of course.
3.     What kind of session, you ask?  Your choice between headshots, a styled shoot, or a couple’s shoot.

What you need to do:
2.     Leave me a comment here on the blog telling me why you want to win (provide your email address so I can contact you if you win).
3.     Bonus points for tweeting this phrase to your followers:
I want to win a free photo session with Elizabeth Zuluaga Photography! @lizzuluaga

That’s it!!

The contest ends on Wednesday, 11/23/11 and I will announce the winner on Thursday, 11/24/11….so - get - to – posting!

And just because a blog post is never complete without photos, here are a few pictures to inspire you for your potential FREE PHOTO SHOOT!


  1. Liz! This is all sorts of amazing, and even though I know/love you and already worked for you, now I want to work with you and photo shoot it up. Especially because I take horrible photos, but if anyone can make me photogenic and make amazing styled shots, it's clearly you! :)

  2. Liz! This is all sorts of amazing, and even though I already know/love you and have worked for you, now I want to work with you...and I'm clearly unphotogenic, but if anyone can make it work in the most gorgeous stylized shots ever, it's of course going to be you. Plus, how else can I get great ballet photos without you behind the camera??

  3. Woooooot! Such a great contest! And I see you hit 100! Congrats :)

  4. Hi! I came across your site based on a recommendation from Desiree and I was so excited to see your contest! I've been planning on gifting my parents a family photo shoot for the holidays and this seems perfect! I've always wanted to do fun casual photos with the family and based on your reviews you seem like you'd be able to capture some really great shots. Plus, after a decade, it would be really nice to finally have something to replace the awkward Bat Mitzvah photo above the mantle with.

  5. Hey missy! I love your photos and am just so very, very, very happy for you. It's great to watch someone's career flourish.

    Why do I want to win? Because every girl deserves to have pretty photos of herself. :-)


  6. I just came across your page and contest via Ally's FB post and I think your photos are totally gorg! I would so love to win a shoot with you first because I love your work and second because I recently lost 20+ lbs and have been working out like a fiend to get fit and would really really like a set of photos to show off my hard work! Thank you, hope to win! P.S. I posted the phrase on twitter as @ambiggity my email address is amber dot bechtel at gmail dot com

  7. Lizard. Represent for the South Americans.

  8. I wanna win just to spend the day with you.