Friday, May 3, 2013

Casual Fridays

I take dancing VERY seriously.  I make sure to say that and encourage others around me  as much as possible (like I did on Facebook the other day....).  When my friends ask me what I would like to do this weekend or tonight or tomorrow or in the next five minutes my answer is usually, "let's go dancing!"  For this particular reason, I am constantly on a quest to find a new dancing party dress.  The criteria is usually flowy, easy to move in (for those "bust a move moves"), and versatile enough to wear during the day with sandals, flats or boots.

You don't have to spend a lot of money on a good party dress.  Trust me, I have been known to wear dresses I find at flea markets to the dance floor (or my friend's living room or in line at Trader Joe's).  Check out these cute dresses I found on  They're all under $30 and ready to keep up with you and your child like, spontaneous, adventurous self (click on photos for pricing, etc).

Happy dancing this weekend (and always!).
Black and flowy.
Perfection.  I may or may not have just purchased this...10 seconds ago...
Colorful and comfy (can you tell I love cut-out dresses?).
Color blocking in all it's glory and cinched at the waist.  Get your grooves on.
This would be so cute with colorful accessories or keep it neutral with metallic bracelets and necklace.
Another great little black number (cut-out in the back).
I mean, I can't even talk about how fun this dress is and how it makes me want to DANCE!  Yes please.

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