Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The "I See You" Project

I've bee itching for a new project lately.  I get very antsy when I don't have something ongoing in my life (hence photography), so I've been thinking for a while what would really satisfy my fix.  I thought about the places I've been, the people I've met, the people I know, the people I want to know.  Who are they and what do they say to me without even speaking?  

I thought about judgement.  How often we walk down the street and see someone dressed strangely or even dressed to the nines and we think poorly of them, "not educated, loner; stuck up, superficial."  We are all guilty of this and with no ill intention it happens (even the strangely dressed and wealthy person is not excused from this behavior).  

I want to see the best in people no matter their exterior and every day I strive to do just that in the people I exchange glances with, handshakes, smiles.  I want to find beauty in their faces, in their strange outfits, their sad, mad and happy stares.  I want to see the positive in them first rather than the negative.  There is beauty in everyone and I want to see it all.  Will you share in this with me?  

I want to see you the way "I see you."

Louanne Tamagni
Hair Stylist / San Diego, CA
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