Friday, June 8, 2012

Casual Fridays

I know I've been lagging on my usual blog posts, but it's only because I've been running all around LA shooting!  I promise there will be tons of new posts soon, but for now let's discuss a little thing called bridesmaids.  

Remember when having your bridesmaids wear everything exactly the same thing was the chicest thing?  Necklace, earrings, dress, shoes, everything-the same.  Over the years this trend has evolved and become one of my favorite parts of a wedding.  It's a way for the bride to show her creativity and how she sees her favorite girls.  I also love that even if a bride chooses her bridesmaids to be all in unison, it is now done in such a more sophisticated way.  Check out what I found while browsing the net and Pinterest-ing this week.  

What do you think?  Unison or mixed and matched?  
 This. Is. Awesome.  I love the sequenced skirts in different colors.
 Blue/green color palette with matching shoes.  

 Not sure what the real color is here, but I love how everyone is different in their own unique ways.

Pink palette with matching sunglasses!
This is what I'm talking about!  I love how all the girls are wearing the same dress, but each girl looks special with their own unique accessories and hairdo.  Awesome.

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