Friday, June 1, 2012

Casual Fridays

I am absolutely obsessed with high waisted skirts lately.  They're flowy, pretty and go with pretty much every shirt/top you own.  I literally can't.stop.wearing.them. 
Here are some of my favorites I found while pinterest-ing.
What do you think?
 Oh Chambray shirts, you just go with everything, don't you?
Stripes, glasses, skirt, done.

 This just has Liz written all over it.  Love the top, love the skirt, love the shoes, love it all.
 High waisted maxi skirt and a cropped top.  YES.
So cool.
 Taaaa daaaaa!  How chic is this?  This is my favorite and don't be surprised if you see me walking around with this exact outfit.  Just sayin...

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