Friday, May 18, 2012

Casual Fridays

A lot of my friends have been getting engaged and well, the first thing a woman thinks about when they're getting married is....the dress!  So, I've been really inspired lately looking at different wedding gowns and it's made me think about what I would like if I were in their shoes.  Feminine, but not too princessy and a beautiful silhouette topped off with a touch of lace (ok, maybe a lot of lace).  Here are my top five dresses I found this week while  What are your top five?
 Oh #5.  First, I would lose the hat.  Just sayin.  I am however, a big fan of ivory wedding gowns and I'm in love with the flattering pleats, especially the asymmetrical bust line.
#4 I have two words for you.  Sexy Back.  I meannnn holy cow this dress is awesome.  I need to work on my fitness so I can buy this dress just because.
#3 had me at the bare lace back.  Wow.  I kind of wish the lining of the dress aligned with the sheer overlay of the dress, but it's still a pretty amazing dress.
 #2 is pretty spectacular, wouldn't you agree?  I mean, for any woman who wants to feel different, romantic and feminine on their wedding day, I would say this dress does just that.  Love.Love.Love.
#1... drum roll please.....the one on the left!!  This is my idea of a perfect wedding dress.  A chic silhouette with a beautiful neck line and of course my favorite part, lace.  Beautiful.

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