Monday, March 19, 2012

Dear Margaret

Dear Margaret,

You're gone now.  You've left a silence in our hearts, in Abe's heart.  That silence has been screaming at me for never telling you what I've wanted to say for so long.  I only knew you when you were sick, or as I like to call it, fighting.  I only knew your quiet, shy side.  I only knew the woman who quietly observed her son fall in love with that mysterious girl he kept at a distance.  I could tell that you wondered when we were going to get married and thought it was sweet when you reminded him of what he had in his hands - me.  I watched you as you looked at him in admiration and gratitude for taking care of you all those years.  He put things on hold to make sure you were ok because he loved you (loves you) and never wanted anything to fall through the cracks.  He has always said a man's first love is the love for his mother and no one has ever proved that more to me than him.  He cleaned, cooked, bought you things that made you happy because if you were happy he was happy.   He moved back into the home where he grew up so he could be close by.  He risked things with our relationship because you were always his priority.  I never strayed or complained because I knew very well that I would have done the same for my mother.  

I guess what I am trying to say, what I had always wanted to say is...thank you.  Thank you for instilling only the best qualities in your son.  Thank you for raising a man who is not only loyal, caring to the core and so loving it hurts, but a man of dignity, respect and strength.  I know he is the way he is because of you.  Thank you for fighting and hanging on for so long.  You did it for your family and now you can rest in peace.  


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  1. My heart--- that is so sweet! Thanks for bringing some tears to my eyes at 9:30 on a Monday morning. You have an incredible man by your side and I don't even need to comment on how lucky he is to have you- because he knows! Wishing nothing but comfort and a light heart to Abe, you, and his family. Much Love!