Monday, April 18, 2011

Viereck at SixHundred L.A. - AKA DANCE PARTY

One question.  Have you ever been to Art Walk in Downtown L.A?  If your answer is no, then as my friend Ryann would say, you need to get-wit-it.  Fashion Designer,  Deborah Viereck of Viereck, hired me to photograph the wonderful monthly event, which took place last week.  SixHundred L.A hosted designs by Viereck in the store as well as DJ's, Ten in the Pank Crew.

I was in fashion, music, photo heaven!  It was like a dance party for all people who love the arts.  When I say dance party, I mean DANCE PARTY.  Being there that night reminded me why I love L.A so much.  Hipsters, singers, tap dancers and more came out to enjoy the warm night and awesome music.  What a great way to spend my Thursday night.  See below for a some of my favorite pictures.  To see more photos check out my Facebook page and online gallery.

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