Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Remembering Italy #6 | Personal

As I drove down the 91 fwy I blared the radio, rolled down all the windows and smiled to myself because in just a few moments I would have everything I need to feel good again.  It had been a hard week and all I wanted to do was see the girls, sip wine and plop myself in Val's kitchen (Chez Saratoga) - AKA:  Italy reunion #6. 

When I walked through the front door I immediately relaxed and smiled as Val greeted me with a glass of wine. I literally felt my shoulders release stress and as Carol and Jackie arrived we started catching up and laughing as usual.  I thought to myself how lucky I am to have this type of therapy in my life. Two generations of women I can count on, share my secrets with and know I won't be judged, only inspired and heard. 

We cooked Italian food (homemade pizza was involved and Carol literally picked basil from the garden outside), listened to Italian music and reminisced over all the photos and videos we took in Italy two Octobers ago.  It was also nice to share our memories with some of Val and Carol's neighbors and friends who came by in the midst of our reminiscing. The door is always open so that happens quite often and I love it. 

Jackie and I spoke yesterday and we're already planning reunion #7.  Sighhhh....I'm looking forward to my next therapy session. 

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