Thursday, January 24, 2013

Wanderlust New York / Travel Portraiture

It had been nine years since I had been back to New York.  I had missed the crowded streets, the noise, the fashion.  I even missed the steam coming up through the sewers.  Yeah, I needed to go back.  I needed to be inspired again by this magical city.

So, Abe and I hopped on a plane and spent five days exploring, meeting up with friends and feeding ourselves with amazing food.  It was everything I needed to get the wanderlust out of my system.  Although, it's likely that wanderlust feeling will be back soon.  I'm sure of it.   

Until then, here are some of my favorites...
 Abe is learning how to shoot :)
 Through the looking glass
 Building blocks
 A never ending hallway
 Nap time
Enchanted forest 
 Up in smoke
 T is for terrific cappuchino
I love a good bridge
 Oh Abe
  There she is
 Thinking about Stella
 Blurry things
 A concert downstairs
 I can't get enough of bridges

 Peep hole

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