Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Sara Betancur | Portraits | Editorial

My beautiful cousin goes home to Colombia tomorrow.  Nothing makes me sadder than having to say goodbye to her.  I've had such a wonderful time having her live in the bedroom next to me for the last five months.  The most time I had ever spent with her growing up was when my family and I would spend summers in Medellin every three years.  There was also a time when I didn't see her for ten years so being with her most of this year has been such a gift.

She learned english (seriously, she really did.  I'm so impressed), she brought my family closer, she made me laugh every single day, she calmed me down when I was stressed about everything, she danced with me in my bedroom, she confided in me about things I never knew she had been through, she let me cry on her shoulder and when I confessed things about myself she didn't judge me for a second.  I got to spend Christmas with her and show her the American side of me and it was such a pleasure watching her enjoy it with me.  We went shopping together...a lot... and drank too much Jamba Juice (amongst other things).  She taught me about medicine (yes, she's a doctor at 28 years old) and I taught her about baking and cooking.  She kept me company while I edited photos and I loved how curious she was and is in what I do and how I do it and why I do it.  I've never had anyone in my life be more supportive.  She won all my friends over in a second and I loved watching them enjoy her company jus as much as I do.  The fact that my friends befriended her so quickly and included her in everything has quite possibly been the most surprising and amazing thing to me.  Her infectious personality is simply the best.

We have made a pact that I will visit within the next two years or so and Skype every week.  It's so easy to lose touch with family and friends when distance gets in the way, but I am determined to keep my end of the pact.

Sara,  I thought I knew you well, but this year I realized how much more there is to know and how much more I have to learn about you.  I'm excited about our new found friendship and I literally cannot imagine going another week without checking in with you.  It feels fantastic to need someone so much.  I love you and thank you for showing me so much love these past five months.  I'll never forget them.

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