Thursday, August 9, 2012

Peter Quinn - The Next Best Thing

Ohhhh Peter.  He's so awesome!  He needed new headshots and so naturally, I took this opportunity to make his session a fashion/headshot/portrait/manly session.  Peter is an actor and I know that he's going to be the next best thing sooner rather than later.  I was especially excited when he told me that he will begin filming a film called Crossmaglen with Ben Kingsley in his home town, Ireland (yes, Peter has a fabulous born and raised irish accent) and that he is expecting a baby any day now!  I mean, that's just a level of busy I can't imagine.

I had so much fun walking around downtown L.A with him that Sunday morning getting to know him and laughing like crazy.  He's the perfect combination between hilarious, sarcastic and sweet.  I love it!

Peter, thanks for a great time and I wish you and your wife nothing but happiness and lot's of sleep in the years to come :)

**This photo was a special surprise**
 We were walking back to our cars when suddenly, we walked under the freeway and came across this awesome tunnel/underpass.  Without me even having to tell him, Peter ran in the middle of the street and looked up and I snapped the picture.  Awesome.

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