Thursday, August 2, 2012

Megan and Maggie

We met at a bench in LA.  We chatted, we laughed (a lot) and we got to know each other.  I learned that Megan works in the entertainment industry and wants to be an actress.  Her mother Maggie, used to work in the industry as well, but is currently working as a successful real estate agent and couldn't be happier.  

I was blown away at how beautiful they both were and how much Megan resembles her mother, yet is also quite different.  She is quiet and soft spoken, while Maggie is boisterous and loves to laugh out loud.  It made me happy to be around two women that are clearly so close and bonded to one another.

Conclusion:  Megan wants to be an actress.  Her mother wants her to see the world.  I want everyone to see THEM.  

Thank you ladies for making me laugh so much in just one little afternoon :)

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