Thursday, January 26, 2012

Going Back to Basics

Throughout my life friends have always been extremely important to me.  I'm sure you all can relate, however, for me friendship has always been something beyond loyalty, trust, etc.  It has been about family.  With the exception of a few extended family members, most of them live on the east coast and the rest in Colombia.  So naturally, as a first generation kid who grew up feeling different than anyone I grew up with, I was always on a search for a friend (or friendS) who could relate to me as much as I related to them.  Now, I wasn't necessarily looking for other first generation kids exactly, just someone who made me feel they understood me - all of me.  Friends who tell you the truth and aren't afraid to hurt your feelings.  Friends who you may not see or talk to for six months, but you always pick up from where you left off.  Friends who know you are sensitive and girly and don't find that annoying.  Friends who stick by you - always.  That is hard to find; wouldn't you agree?  I mean, really hard.  It was high school where I found him.  The friend that made me realize "they do exist!"  

High school came and went and then College happened.  I've made some wonderful friends since then.  Some have stuck around and some haven't and that's ok too.   However, as I'm getting older I'm starting to realize how much I have what I like to call, "gone back to basics."  I've gone back to the people who have always been there to pick up the pieces.  Those whom have loved me for all of me and I them.  If I'm being truly honest, I can count them on my right hand.  

Fifteen years later, we're still causing trouble and dancing as much - as - possible.  

Who is your "basic(s)?"

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