Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Adan Fernandez

I discovered a secret little city.  It's called Glendora.  A place where stillness seems special rather than boring.  A place where you could take a walk and get lost in all it's nooks and secret passageways.

I grew up not far from there, but somehow when I met up with Adan, it seemed like a whole new world to me.  In all the years that I lived near by, I managed to never pass by the church where Adan works or the neighborhood where twenty something year olds are riding their bikes...slowly...care free.

We took a walk.

We passed by little mom and pop shops and cafes and I noticed how empty everything seemed.  It was like everyone stayed home so we could shoot without any distractions!  In L.A it often makes me sad when I don't see people bustling around.  Maybe that's because when you live in the city you develop this constant need to be surrounded by people, noise, cars, "life."  I miss being able to walk outside and just hear the wind - no horns, no sirens, no one in sight.  

As we walked I noticed that our surroundings were a lot like Adan.  Quiet at first, a little mysterious perhaps.  Then two minutes later you realize there is so much character to him.  Funny, chatty, really sarcastic - I laughed the whole time we were shooting.  Thanks for such a fun shoot Adan and thank you for my own private piano concert!

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